Visitor Information

Please call ahead to ensure that we are open before you make a special trip. Please contact the monastery with any questions or concerns.


Store hours:  Monday-Saturday 9:00 am- 6:00 pm.
Kitchen hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30 am- 5:30 pm.

The bakery is closed on major feast days throughout the year.

Visitors On The Grounds
We kindly request when coming to the monastery not to bring pets inside the monastery grounds.
If you have made arrangements to enter the monastery grounds, the following guidelines must be observed:
+ Guests should be dressed modestly: men in long sleeves and pants, women in long sleeves,long skirts and head coverings.
+ Smoking is strictly forbidden.
+ Children must be supervised at all times.

Overnight Stay
The Monastery has limited availability in their guesthouse for Orthodox pilgrims to stay for one or two nights.
We request Orthodox Christians to be in good standing in their parish and have a referral from their priest.
As a women’s monastery, we do not allow men for overnight stays unless they provide us with a referral from their Orthodox priest or are accompanied by their family. For other inquiries please contact the monastery.

Special permission is required to take photographs. We kindly ask you not to take pictures of the sisters or monastery guests. If pictures are accidentally taken despite our request we ask you to respect our privacy and not post them on social media of any kind.


Lord Have Mercy

"Every time a person falls, my child, he must arise, and he will be saved. When someone falls and voluntarily does not get up, this is from the demons. Despair is a demonic weapon which has broken down many; hope, however, has saved many from the filthy pit of mire…" - Elder Ephraim of Arizona